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"I lived in a hut in the South Pacific made of coconut palm trunks, with coconut leaf thatch on the roof.  We drank green coconuts and ate octopus and fish cooked in coconut  cream.  Painting on coconut fiber came very naturally.  I travel around the islands whenever I can and seek out ancient petroglyph sites, where Hawaiians pounded and carved their legends, adventures, prayers and star maps into the lava.  They truly are mysterious places and I try to invoke that feeling in these pieces."

The Aumakua Collection
8x10 originals for only $39.  Each piece is matted in Ivory over Chocolate and hand titled in gold by the artist.  Every piece is unique so while the main petroglyph image will be the same, other apects of the artwork will vary from images below.  In any case, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Hawaiian Marriage Blessing 

Guardian Spirit

Bless Our

Turtle Aumakua I

Outrigger Canoe

Ancient Fisherman

The Big Kahuna

Woman of Wisdom

Ancient Cowboy

Ancient Surfer


Turtle Aumakua II


Museum Quality Rock Art
The below works were created for the "Out of Hawaii" Show and featured in Seattle and San Francisco.  Each work is unique and has the feel of an ancient artifact.  Similar 11x14s, 16x20s and 24x30s are available.  Email for pricing.

"Kahiki Nui" SOLD

"Ohana Nui" SOLD

"Moana Nui" Available

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